How It All Began

You could say that donuts are in our blood. The Manley family has been producing the highest quality donuts since 1977. The founders of one of Canada's largest specialty donut bakeries that ship their product coast to coast across Canada. Scott Manley has worked in the family business learning everything there is to know about donuts for over 15 years before venturing out to create a spin off company that focused on hot, fresh, unique, custom made donuts. He dreamed of giving customers the opportunity to make their donut their way and thus the concept of Serendipity Donuts was created. Scott scouted out a team that shared his vision of creating the freshest, best tasting donuts available on the market. With the addition of several partners with a great deal of experience in marketing, franchising and business management the recipe for success was achieved and the team ventured out opening their first food truck in Spring of 2018 and a brick in mortar shopping mall location in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada following shortly after in the fall of 2018.

What Makes Serendipity Donuts Different?

It all starts with the ingredients. We never sacrifice quality for price. Only the best ingredients are chosen when producing our products. We never skimp on lower grade products to save a dollar. Quality is always a must, no questions asked! When preparing the donuts we mix in small batches and hand pick only the perfect donuts. We use only pure non-hydrogenated vegetable shortening in our process. Our fryers are filtered and cleaned daily to ensure we maintain the perfect colour and crust of the final product!

Serendipity uses a traditional process that has been handed down by generations of expert bakers. We believe in the human touch and start by hand cutting and shaping the dough. Each donut is proofed to ensure it has the perfect shape and size after being sheeted. At this point the fermentation process starts as the dough naturally rises. After rising the donuts are proofed again one sheet at a time to ensure proper and complete development of the dough. This classic technic is the key to achieving our heavenly fluffy texture we have become known for. After they have reached their maximum rising they are placed in our state of the art automatic fryers for a quick bath and cooked to their ideal golden perfection without being over saturated creating a much lighter and less dense, delightful donut. Next the donuts travel on a specially designed conveyor belt where they cool and stabilize. Finally they enter a blast tunnel for 20 minutes starting at 110 degree F and exit at 28 degree F. Now that we've made the perfect donut we ship it to our locations to get customized specifically by you!

What Is A Custom Donut?

When you arrive at one of our stores or at our food trucks you will have to make 3 choices:

1. Choose your donut: Some options we offer are standard ring, chocolate ring, cake, fritter, filled (raspberry, strawberry, Bavarian, etc), or mini donuts

2. Choose your toppings: A few favourites include treats like Oreo, Skor, Sprinkles, Cheesecake crumble, smarties, chocolate, cotton candy, etc.

3. Choose your drizzle: Put your favourite drizzle on top to finish it off. Try caramel, chocolate, hazelnut spread, cream cheese, strawberry, etc.

If you want something fast and simple just grab a pack of our pre-made specialty donuts or just opt for our OG donut the Original Glaze. Whatever your sweet tooth desires we can accommodate. Get them as singles or grab one of our 3 packs or 6 packs to share with your friends, co-workers, clients or save them all for yourself!

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